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Are you interested in DETOXING but don’t know where to start? November 21, 2007

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Making changes to your diet and knowing what changes to make can be very overwhelming in the beginning. You may be interested in exploring a detox for yourself, but don’t know where to begin. DETOXING can be one of the most positive wellness choices you make, but choose the wrong detox and you could be in for one heck of a ride. Before embarking, decide on how you want to detox. Do you want to start with 30 day cleanse or a 7 day cleanse?

How much time do you have to cook and prepare meals? If you are busy and tend to eat on the go, a 7 day juicing detox may be right for you but bare in mind, your energy levels will slump during the first 3 days as your body adjusts to the sudden change from whole foods to juices. Juicing cleanses are great for a short period of time and I would advise you to start your detox slowly. Eat light meals and start replacing snack times with juices. As you progress, start replacing one meal with a juice and so forth. Less shock you put your body through will means less symptoms and an easier transition from your regular diet to your new juicing regime.

If you are fortunate enough to commit to a 21 or 30 day DETOX you will need plenty of time to relax and prepare meals. Initially you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen learning how to prepare and cook your meals. As you progress through your detox you will start building healthy eating habits and embrace your new cooking techniques with each meal you cook. Adjustment period can be anything from 3 days to a week before you start noticing regular bowel movements and restored energy levels. Although everyone experiences a different detox, yours will have special meaning and benefits to you.

A 30 day cleanse will allow you to really build solid eating habits and endless benefits. Deciding what detox you have enough time for is the first step in detoxing.

Look out for my next posting on how pick a DETOX that is right for you!


Lemon DETOX Diet October 30, 2007

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I have many clients who insist a lemon detox would be a quick fix for them, helping them shift the excess weight faster and achieving quicker results. That’s all it is, a quick fix! In today’s society people want results and they want them fast. Yet what we fail to recognize is that all these diets and magic weight loss pills only empty our bank accounts and leave us feeling more frustrated and overwhelmed. Following a well balanced diet is something we all know we should do, yet many of us struggle to know what a well balanced diet actually is. Starving your body and swallowing pills will do more harm that good and the end result will be the result you have been living with.

I believe that dieting and detoxing should be about balance and abundance, following a balanced well designed detox will help rid your body of harmful toxins, increase your energy levels and improve your general well-being, at the same time maintaining good health, restoring energy levels and building positive eating habits and attitudes towards food.

Detoxing is about longevity and restoring health. I could never put my body or mind through such dieting extremes just to shift some extra pounds. By day 2 I will be ready to dive into a double cheese burger and I am a vegetarian! We need to really think about what we do and put into our bodies. Loosing weight and becoming healthy is a life-long process and something that we should be doing on daily basis. I know it is easier said than done.

Quick fixes and magic promises will do more harm in the long term. Start replacing one negative thing in your diet with a positive, learn about what foods are healthy and start experimenting. Start off small and gradually you begin to follow a well designed, well balanced diet with plenty of water and exercise. Reward your body now and you will be rewarded with a stronger, healthier, fitter body and mind that in turn will be able to support you when you need it the most.



Detoxing October 26, 2007

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Welcome to my Blog. My intention to detox the world one person at a time started about 8 years ago. Looking back now I know I made the right decision. I had lived with many symptoms for many years, symptoms I accepted as part of my life and although I had BIG dreams and the drive and motivation to get there, I did not have my health or the energy to pursue my dreams.

I was eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis, I considered myself healthy but what boggled me was the massive energy slump I would experience during the day. This would continue for months and I even started dreaming of a potential business offering rejuvenating naps for all employees at a discounted rate. Imagine how much more efficient and pro-active your staff will be taking 15 min power naps.

Coming back to reality, dreaming or taking power naps was not the answer. I stumbled across a book declaring ” I will heal your symptoms and boost your energy”. Hmmm, another hype, short lived magic solution? My optimistic side agreed, a solution! Ignoring the valid cries of my pessimistic side, I grabbed the book, paid and made a run for it. This single action took me to where I am today. DETOXING would prove to be the one thing that would totally restore and rejuvenate my energy.

I believe now that even though we may have the motivation and determination to achieve our goals and dreams, we need our health, energy and vitality to pursue them. DETOXING opened me up to a world of getting up and taking action. I now have the energy to pursue my dreams, the health to enjoy my results and the knowledge that I am bearer of my fruits, as long as I nourish and replenish my body with respect and love, I can continue to enjoy what life throws at me.

What experiences have you had trying out different DETOX regimes?

What worked for you and what didn’t?